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Sysvideo Released 2016 New Catalog and Price List: H.265 IPC & NVR

Sysvideo Released 2016 New Catalog and Price List: H.265 IPC & NVR

Jan 10, 2016, in Shenzhen, China. As the China's leading professional HD IP cameras and NVR/DVR manufacturer, developer in China, Sysvideo released 2016 new version catalog and price list, it launched a lot of new products:

1. SC6000 professional series: Launched  H.265 4MP/3MP 25fps real time cameras, 4 megapixel 25fps cameras market is rapid growth;
2. SC5000 low cost series: Launched  Sony IMX238 sensor 1.4MP (1280*1024) low light series cameras, H.265 full series 3MP/4MP/5MP products, although the price is higher, but the quality is  beter much;
3. SN7000 series NVR: Launched  16 ports PoE 16ch/32ch NVR, launched AHD,TVI DVR and hybrid DVR, stop some old models, reduce some model prices, customer can update current analog CCTV system to HD with low cost.
4. Enterprise NVR series: Launched H.265 4K NVR RAID product line, H.265 & 4K is  hot topic now, it  will is the trend on the future. H.265 can save around 50% bandwidth and storage space. SN-S intelligent NVR series added RAID5 function (software RAID, don't add cost). New H.265 NVR can support 4K/8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P H.265/H.264 IP cameras, support 4K resolution output, it will greatly improve picture quality.
5. Added others some new products: 1080P HD mobile NVR, laser PTZ IP camera, all-in-one mini PTZ IR bullet IP cameras.

we think H.265 products will be popular in 2016, global IP surveillance will keep the fast growth, although AHD is hot in 2015, but it only can provide 720P and 1080P resolution, it is only suitable home & small business low end market. IP still is security system mainstream.

In addition, the total solution is  very important for IP system, we will not only produce single products, we will also continue to improve the product line and provide  a variety of solutions according to the customer's project requirement. We hope the customers can find all HD surveillance solutions from Sysvideo!

If you want to get our new catalog or price list, please contact with:

About Sysvideo

Sysvideo is China's professional IP camera and HD NVR, DVR, IP surveillance software developer and manufacturer, it can provide wide range of network surveillance products and total solution system.

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