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SN7216EN 32ch Hybrid NVR/DVR:  32CH Hybrid Network Vidoe Recorder,22ch 720P,16ch 1080P
32ch Hybrid NVR 16ch D1 analog camera + 16ch D1 IP camear input or 32ch D1 / 22ch 720P / 16ch 1080P IP camera input; Total bandwidth: 64Mbps; 2bay SATA HDD; VGA/HDMI output; Embedded Linux; 1U size ONVIF 2.2

1. Features
● Support for maximum 32ch D1 or 22ch 720P or 16ch 1080P full real-time digital channel recording;
● Support for maximum 16ch D1 analog channel and 16ch D1 or 8ch 720P or 4ch 1080P full real-time digital channel recording;
● Support 1080P HD preview.
● Support for hybrid mode and pure network mode selection.
● Support up to maximum 5 mega pixel network camera.
● Support ONVIF protocol, support for the latest ONVIF 2.2 specification and is backward compatible.
● Support TV, VGA, HDMI Sync output; HDMI VGA with video output resolution up to 1920 X 1080.
● Supports all analog channels D1 real-time encoding.
● You can use the mouse for 3D location intelligence capabilities;
● Support for maximum 8ch channels synchronous playback.
● 2 SATA interface.
● Support NTP (Network Time), SADP (IP automatic search), Email (Mail Service), UPNP (Universal Plug and Play).

2. Advantages

System design

Uses a high-performance industrial grade SOC processor, the system power consumption and low and stable; the highly reliable hardware design with 3 the watchdog circuitry, security system never crashes.

Operating System

A highly reliable embedded Linux operating system, 16-bit high color image display technology, provides a magnificent windows-style user interface.

Access Performance

Support for high-lines of the high-definition network camera access capabilities, and support for up to 5 megapixel resolution network cameras.

Video Decode

Support for up to High Profile @Level 5.0 encoding level.

Streaming media forward

Support for powerful streaming media forwarding capacity, and be able to access the Center platform to distributed deployment.

Mode configuration

(hybrid network hard disk recorder) to support hybrid mode and NVR mode the freedom to switch to the system upgrade, system deployment provides a flexible solution.

ONVIF protocol

Support ONVIF protocols, support for the latest ONVIF 2.2 specification and is backward compatible.

Full HD output

With Full HD HDMI output interface to support HDMI, VGA, CVBS Sync output, achieve full high-definition image output.

File system

With a dedicated for streaming media design with a database of the file system, and support the hard drive capacity without limit, high-reliability design to support data recovery.

Hard disk sleep

Support for the non-working hard disk sleep technology, and to support hard disk drive pre-wake-up technology, you can significantly reduce the power consumption, improve system stability and hard life.

Smart streaming access technology

Through the automatic judgment HD network camera for streaming type, optimized storage and decoding strategies to reduce load in the equipment to improve system stability.

Professional package

Provide free professional edition video and alarm Workstation Software, Easy to deploy powerful digital video surveillance system.

Hard Disk Management

Support hard SMART management technology; always monitor the hard drive health status.

Hard disk redundancy

Hard Disk Drive support dual-redundant technology to achieve important data of the double-backup, and effective security video security.

Network QoS

Support for Network QoS, depending on the network, automatically adjust streaming and network transport policy, to protect the network reliability.


Back Interface

Live Demo App QR Scan (App Name: vss mobile )



Operation System

Embedded Linux

Mode Selection

NVR mode and hybrid mode can be selected

Audio and Video Input

Input CVBS


BNC interface (1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms), PAL/NTSC optional

Audio input

 4ch, BNC interface (Line In 2 Vpp, 1 Kohms)

Audio talking


Network video bandwidth

128 Mbps

Input IPC
 (NVR mode)


Up to 32ch D1@30FPS (2Mbps)
22ch 720P@30FPS (4Mbps) or 16ch 1080P @ 30FPS (8Mbps)

Input IPC


Up to  16ch D1 @ 30FPS (2Mbps)
8ch 720P @ 30FPS (4Mbps) or  4ch 1080P@30FPS (8Mbps)

Audio and Video Output

CVBS output

1ch, BNC interface (1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms)


1ch, 1920 * 1080, 1280 * 1024, 1280 * 720,1024 * 768,800 * 600 resolution optional


1.3a standard

1920 X 1080, 1280 X 1024 anD1280 X 720,1024 X 768,800 X 600 resolution optional

Audio output

1ch, BNC interface (Line out, 2 Vpp, 300 ohms)

Audio and video encoding

analog channels resolution


Video Coding standards


Encoding control

Qualified rate, the variable rate option

Video Bit Rate

48 Kbps ~2048 Kbps/
 48 Kbps ~3072 Kbps ( 960 ) H

Bit Rate Control

Composite Class/video streaming

Encoder resolution

Master stream: D1 CIF optional
Sub stream: CIF QCIF, optional

Encoding capacity

 16ch D1

Encoding frame rate

1 ~25 frames/PAL, 1 ~30 frames/NTSC

Dual Streaming

support, the highest CIF@6 P

Audio Coding standards

G.711 A

Audio bit rate

64 Kbps

Audio and Video Decoding

IP channel resolution

Master stream: 5MP/3 MP/ 1080P/UXGA/ 720P/VGA/
Sub stream: not more than 4 CIF

Video Bit Rate

Average: D1 2Mbps, 720P 4Mbps, 1080P 8Mbps

Video decoding standards

MPEG - 4/
.264 (highest High Profile @Level 4.2)


Up to 16 simultaneous playback


Audio talking

1ch Two-way audio

Motion detection

Each picture can be set 396 (22 X 18) detection area; to set up multi-level sensitivity

Privacy mask

4 regional block

Snap shot

Support JPEG

Hard drive

SATA interface


The maximum capacity

Hard Drive Capacity unlimited

External interface

Network Interface

1 RJ45; 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet

USB interface

2 USB 2.0, front and back panels

Alarm input


ON/OFF switch

Alarm output


Relay NO, NC

RS - 485

1ch, half-duplex



Blue backlight LCD


1U, 360 X 250 X 44 (mm)


2 Kg (without hard drive)

Installation Method

Desktop installation

Electrical performance

Power supply

DC + 12V/4A

Operating temperature

 - 10°C - + 55°C

Operating Humidity

10% - 90%

Power consumption

20W (no hard drive)

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