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NVR Station:  SNK Series Enterprise NVR Central Management Software (CMS)
NVR Station is a free central management software for Sysvideo SNK series enterprise NVR, it can remote search, add, monitor, setup, playback NVR, support emap, video wall.

Sysvideo NVR Station is a complete system for device management, video surveillance, and video recording. The NVR Station supports Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) interoperability standards. Additionally, the NVR Station features native integration to cameras and encoders from third party manufacturers, therefore making it an open system.
The advanced system capabilities make the NVR Station easy to use with functions like Automatically Adding Devices and One-Click Partition and Formatting and meet various customer needs with functions like Record Synopsis and Privacy Mask for every day security users to advanced video surveillance users.
The NVR Station provides the following applications:

  • Web-based application: NVR Station Web
  • Mobile application: Mobile NVR Client (MNC)


There is no difference on the user interface between the NVR Station Web and NVR Station.
NVR Station only can manage Sysvideo SNK series NVR products.

System Requirement
For better user experience, your personal computer (PC) must meet the following fundamental requirements:

  • Intel® Core® 2 Duo CPU 2.0 GHz
  • 2 GB of memory
  • Windows XP/7/8
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox






For more software interface images, please visit:




Adding devices

Automatically Adding Devices

This feature allows you to quickly add cameras to your NVR.

Disk management

One-Click Partition and Formatting

Before starting a recording, you must partition and format disks. With this feature, you can complete the two operations with one click.


Dual-Stream and Audio

The NVR Station offers the ability to record the main and secondary streams for each camera. Along with exceptional image quality, the NVR Station can also record audio.

Dual-Monitor Live Viewing

SNK series NVRs can connect to two monitors, allowing for dual-monitor live viewing.

Note the following:

ü You can enable this feature for only the SNK0800RD series on the NVR Station.

ü For the SNK16128RD, you cannot use the dual/triple-monitor viewing feature if you already create RAID arrays. In other words, you cannot create RAID arrays if you already use the dual/triple-monitor viewing feature.

Privacy Mask

This feature prevents a camera from monitoring sensitive objects or areas in a scene. When privacy masks are created in a scene, you cannot track objects if the objects move to a masked area. You can create up to 4 privacy masks (24 privacy blocks) for a camera

Image Flip

This feature allows you to track an object continuously as it passes beneath a camera.


16-Channel 1080p Video Playback

A spectacular 1920x1080 resolution lets you see more of your high-resolution images with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. When you play back videos on a screen, the solution allows you to capture more details.

The SNK0800, SNK0800RD series, and SN16000RD series support this features.

The following NVRs support 9-channel 720p video playback:

Ÿ SNK0200 series

Record Synopsis

The Record Synopsis feature summarizes a recording (extracting all the moving objects from the recording), parses the summarized recording, and plays back all the moving objects. This helps you quickly detect moving objects and improves the playback efficiency.

This feature is available only to the SN16000RD series-I.


Motion Detection

With this feature, an NVR can detect a change in the position of an object relative to its surroundings.

Notes: IP camera need to support ONVIF motion detection.

E-Mail Notification

Alarm notification via an e-mail alert is offered as a standard feature with all Sysvideo NVRs. You can program an NVR to send a message to a designated address whenever an alarm is triggered.



The automatic network replenishment (ANR) feature enables an IP camera to locally save records when the connection between it and the NVR is broken and send the records to the NVR when the connection is resumed.

This feature is available only to the SNK0200 and SNK RD series NVRs.


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