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SN7108G:  3G/4G Industrial Super Network Video Recorder + Data Gateway, -30 °C ~ 70 °C working
Sysvideo SN7108G is one industrial grade network video recorder and sensors data gateway, it integrates normal network video recorder, switch, sensors gateway, serial port server, industrial RTU, 3/4G modem, it is very strong multiple-functions industrial-grade data capturing, management and transmission device. This product also has a built-in small-scale intelligent management platform. That allows the front-end standard Modbus to be deployed without the need to provide deploy server software. Industrial equipment, instrumentation, high-definition IP network cameras, various sensors and other equipment for unified management, so that the relevant data to effectively correlate, It as to effectively solve the problem of isolated information between equipment, improve customer intelligence management. This product is designed with high industrial standards and is suitable for harsh environments. It features high integration, high reliability, and high compatibility. It enables quicker f


 Industrial design

Adopt high-performance industrial-grade SOC processing chip, which has higher stability;

-30 °C ~ 70 °C wide temperature design, alports are with electricaisolation protection, alport lightning protection design, resistant to strong electromagnetic interference, suitable for a variety of harsh industriafield environment;

5-in-one Integration

Sysvideo Industria NVR = norma NVR + SeriaServer + Industria RTU + Switch + 3G/4G Router;

Rich hardware interfaces

4 RS485, 1 RS232, 4 AI (optionavoltage or current input), 8 DI, 4 DO (optionanormally open or normally closed), 2 DC 12V power controllable output, 4 RJ45 nets mouth;

The integration of sensor data and video data

The alarm linkage of sensor data can capture pictures and videos, and correlate events to effectively improve the efficiency of video retrievaand playback.

Standardized protoco ls

Support standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Modbus RTU protocol, standard ONVIF protocol, and can be directly compatible with mainstream mainstream configuration software, industriaequipment, and mainstream cameras;

Video access performance

Support number of high-definition network camera access capabilities, up to support 5 Megapixels resolution network cameras;

Easy to add IP cameras

Support one button to add network camera function;

Supports automatic searching of network cameras across a network segment and one-click addition without modifying the IP address of the network camera;

Face detection algorithm

Built-in globaleading face detection algorithm (some models), can tolerate 45 degree angle error in aldirections;

Supports face detection with a minimum of 20*20 pixels;

It supports the automatic preservation of optimadata by analyzing the data quality of the face activity process, avoiding a large number of repeated snapshots;

Intelligent Perimeter Algorithm

Built-in high-performance perimeter analysis algorithm (some models), can customize the rule line, the rules of the box, to achieve more lines, fences, regionaaccess, regionadepartures and other video intelligent analysis alarm. The algorithm has adaptive learning capabilities and can adapt to a variety of complex scenarios;

Protococustom development

Industry-leading protocodynamic expansion framework, can quickly customize the built-in protocol, a key configuration, the agreement can be updated remotely, without the need for engineering personneon-site upgrade;

High data reliability

The collected data can support remote upload and locastorage. When the communication with the master station is interrupted, the data is stored locally. After the communication is resumed, the data can be resumed, and the Sata hard disk can be built in to increase the storage capacity.

video overlay sensor data

The single channevideo can be associated with up to 4 groups of sensors. The sensor data can be directly superimposed on the video stream. The data can be tampered with, and the sensor data can be displayed in excess of the red standard.

Support 4G/3G

The built-in communication module can support LTE 4G/WCDMA 3G/2G, providing customers with more choices for project construction;

SpeciaFile system

Highly efficient streaming media file system using database features, design is reliable and high;

Supported hard disk capacity without limit;

Supports power-down data recovery, enabling highly efficient time retrieval;

Support hard disk error self-healing function, can automatically repair or shield hard disk bad sectors, does not affect the video plan;

Hard disk management

Support non-working hard disk sleep technology, energy saving and low heat, improve system stability and hard disk life;

Support hard disk S.M.A.R.T management technology, monitor hard disk health status at any time;

Support hard disk bad sectors to skip, greatly reducing the data loss caused by hard disk failure;

Support dual-redundant hard disk technology to achieve double backup of important data, effectively protect video security;

Support hard disk grouping and channegrouping storage management technology, and can realize different channelengths of different controfunctions;

P2P service

Built-in VSS cloud service, support for P2P services, support for universanetwork plug-and-play protocols, and automatic interconnection of internaand externanetworks without the need for

Router, dynamic domain name configuration;

Alarm message push

Various types of alarms can be sent to the client's mobile phone immediately via the Internet-based message push system.

Mobile client

Free iPhone, Andriod mobile client, support telemetry, remote messaging, remote control, remote viewing, remote adjustment, easy access anytime, anywhere;

Reatime monitoring

Support various types of sensors access analog sensors, smart sensors, sensor switch, network cameras, real-time display, and on-site relay remote control.

Alarm event search

Support for event search feature to quickly locate event information retrieval, and playback-related video files.

Historical data query

The sensor according to the type of support,Sensor nameHistoricadata queries and other content.

Alarm linkage

Support smart sensor alarm,Beyond the threshold alarm sensor,Alarm Input Alarm,And linkage Photo and Video.

Support motion detection, video loss, video and other video block alarm.

Support Face detection,Perimeter intrusion such as intelligent video analysis alarm.

It includes multiple alarm output, alarm linkage site and lighting control.

Support alarm information via e-maiclient push.

Historica alarm queries

Support in accordance withCalthe policeTypes of,Sensor nameHistorica alarm queries and other content, and quickly retrieve alarm and alarm recording images associated with alarm sensors, improve query performance.

Intelligent video analysis

Built-in advanced intelligent detection algorithms (some models), enabling face detection, perimeter detection and other intelligent detection, real-time alarm and event information storage, retrievaand implement an event video playback.

Video recording function

Support for regular externaalarm, motion detection, event recording and other recording modes.

Support locavideo file storage device, according to customer demand by WEB, client-side manner in the video where the files are stored on your computer.

Video playback

Supported by a variety of conditions to retrieve the video, network playback.

According to alarm events support linked video playback;

Support multiple simultaneous video playback.

Support a variety of playback modes: fast, slow, rewind, frame by frame playback.

Show the exact time of the event when the video playback support.

Recording backup

Support network backup function, available for download and backup video files over the network.

It supports video files real-time backup to an FTP server.

Grab function

Support for locaand network capture function;

Support programs capture, manuacapture, capture alarm, Capture picture sent by e-maior network backup.

Plug and Play Network

Support TCP / IP, UDP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, PPPOE, DDNS, NTP and other network protocols.

Support UPNP protocol, without the need to set up port mapping function automatically.

Built-in professionadynamic DNS service, globaaccess to any network.

WEB server

Built-in WEB server, the browser supports direct LAN, WAN access.

Support network video real-time monitoring, video playback, alarm message alert, device configuration parameters and other functions.

User Management

Supports multi-user and user group management, user permissions can be configured to protect the privacy and safety equipment.


Support alarm information, video information is detected, the device status information via emaisent to the designated mailbox.

Support capture files sent via e-mail.

SSsupport e-mail, support Gmail, Yahoo, Netease and other major brands mailbox.

Mobile client

Multi-platform mobile client to achieve access to the Internet at any time.

Product name

Industrial Internet NVR Gateway

Product Model




The main processor

High-performance dedicated ARM processor

operating system

Real-time Linux operating system

Video Input

Network video input bandwidth


IPC input

8 channel IP cameras, the resolution up to 5 mega pixels


Perimeter detection

Support 2-way

Face Detection

Support 1 channel

External Interface

100MEthernet interface (downward)


HDMI Interface


Wireless Modules

Does not contain



1000M Ethernet Interface


USB interface



8 + 4 channel configurable


4 Compatible 4 ~ 20MA / 0 ~ 5V 16-bit resolution

Relay output

4 may be subjected to a load 3A 250V AC / 3A 30V DC output of three-terminal, NC, NO optional

RS485 protocol


RS232 protocol

1 channel

DC 12V controllable output

2 2A Output Current

Electrical Performance

power input

DC 12V


<10W(Excluding the load, without hard disk)

Operating temperature

-30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Working humidity

0% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Exterior features

Dimensions (mm)

280 * 245 * 44 (mm) (L × W × H) contain the mounting brackets


<2KG (without hard drive)

SN7108G 3G 4G Industrial NVR
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