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S2700 Series Switches:  Huawei Enterprise Switches
The S2700 series enterprise switches (S2700 for short) are next-generation energy-saving intelligent 100M Ethernet switches. The S2700 utilizes cutting-edge switching technologies and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software to meet the demand for multi-service provisioning and access on Ethernet networks. It is easy to install and maintain and can be used in a variety of enterprise network scenarios. With its flexible VLAN deployment, comprehensive security and QoS policies, and energy-saving technologies, the S2700 helps enterprise customers build next-generation IT networks.

Maintenance free, easy deployment, and easy management

The S2700 supports automatic configuration and plug-and-play, which dramatically reduces maintenance costs.

The S2700 supports GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP), which dynamically distributes, registers, and propagates VLAN attributes to ensure correct VLAN configuration and reduce network administrator workloads.

Flexible service control

The S2700-EI supports various ACLs. ACL rules can be applied to VLANs to flexibly control ports and schedule VLAN resources.

Excellent security features

The S2700 supports DHCP snooping, which generates user binding entries based on users' access interfaces, MAC addresses, IP addresses, IP address leases, VLAN IDs.
The S2700 can limit the number of MAC addresses that can be learned on an interface to prevent attackers from exhausting MAC address entries by using bogus source MAC addresses.
The S2700 supports centralized MAC address authentication, 802.1x authentication, and NAC.

PoE function

The S2700 PWR can use Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supplies with different power levels to provide -48 V DC power for powered devices (PDs) such as IP Phones, WLAN APs, and Bluetooth APs. In its role as power sourcing equipment (PSE), the S2700 PWR complies with IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at (PoE+), and can work with PDs that are incompatible with 802.3af or 802.3at (PoE+). Each port provides a maximum of 30 W of power, complying with IEEE 802.3at. The PoE+ function increases the maximum power available on each port and implements intelligent power management for high-power consumption applications. This process facilitates the ease of PD use. PoE ports are still able to work while in power-saving mode.

High scalability

The S2700 series switches (S2700-52P-EI-AC, S2710-52P-SI-AC, S2700-52P-PWR-EI, and S2710-52P-PWR-SI) support intelligent stacking (iStack). Multiple S2700 switches can be connected with stack cables and set up as a stack to expand the system switching capacity. Meanwhile, stacking switches work as a virtual system and are managed using a single IP address, which greatly reduces cost of system operation and maintenance.
Other S2700 models support the Huawei Group Management Protocol (HGMP). A maximum of 16 switches can set up a stack using the HGMP protocol and be managed using one IP address. This function implements automatic and centralized management of a large number of sparsely distributed switches.

Comprehensive QoS policies

The S2700 supports complex traffic classification based on packets' port numbers, VLAN IDs, source MAC/IP addresses, destination MAC/IP addresses, IP protocols, or priorities.

Powerful surge protection capability

The S2700 uses the Huawei patented surge protection technique that supports 6 KV surge protection capability on service ports. This effectively protect switches against over lightning induced overvoltage. The Huawei patented surge protection technique greatly reduces the possibility of equipment being damaged by lightning, even in extreme situations or in scenarios where grounding is not feasible.

Quiet operation, energy conservation, and low radiation

The S2700 uses an energy-saving integrated circuit design to ensure even heat dissipation. Idle ports can enter a sleep mode to further reduce power consumption. The S2700 generates no sound because it does not contain any fans. Radiation produced by the S2700 is within the standard range for electric appliances and causes no harm to the human body.

Item S2700-EI* S2700-SI/S2710-SI**
100M port S2700-9TP-SI**/S2700-9TP-EI/S2700-9TP-PWR-EI: 8*10/100Base-TX
S2700-18TP-SI/S2700-18TP-EI: 16*10/100Base-TX
S2700-26TP-SI/S2700-26TP-EI/S2700-26TP-PWR-EI: 24*10/100Base-TX
S2710-52P-SI/S2700-52P-EI/S2710-52P-PWR-SI/S2700-52P-PWR-EI: 48*10/100Base-TX
1000M port S2700-9TP-SI/S2700-9TP-EI/S2700-9TP-PWR-EI: 1*GE Combo
Others: 2*GE Combo
MAC address table 8K MAC address entries
Manual creation and deletion of MAC address entries
Aging time of MAC address entries
Disabling MAC address learning on an interface or aggregation group
Limit on the number of MAC addresses learned on an interface
Blackhole MAC address entries
VLAN 4K VLANs, complying with IEEE 802.1Q
Port-based VLAN assignment
MAC address-based VLAN assignment
Port-based QinQ assignment
QoS Port-based rate limiting and flow-based rate limiting
Four or eight queues of different priorities on each port
Mapping between 802.1p priorities and queues
SP, WRR, and SP+WRR algorithms
Traffic classification based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, Layer 4 port number, protocol type, VLAN ID, Ethernet protocol, and CoS
Flow-based priority marking and packet redirection
IPv6 features IPv6 host
Static IPv6 routes
MLD v1/v2 snooping
IPv6 host
Static IPv6 routes
Multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping
Multicast load balancing among member ports of a trunk
Port-based rate limiting and traffic statistics for multicast packets
Port mirroring 1:1 and N:1 port mirroring
Traffic mirroring N/A
Security 802.1x authentication and limit on the number of users on an interface
Dynamic ARP detection
IP source guard
AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication, HWTACACS authentication, and NAC
Binding of the IP address, MAC address, interface, and VLAN
Port-based rate limiting
Port isolation, port security, and sticky MAC
Packet filtering
Packet filtering based on MAC addresses
Suppression of multicast, broadcast, and unknown unicast packets
Limit on the number of learned MAC addresses
CPU defense
Port isolation
Suppression of multicast, broadcast, and unknown unicast packets
CPU defense
Surge protection 6KV surge protection capability on service ports (1KV on service ports on PoE devices)
Device management Stacking
CLI-based configuration
Remote configuration using Telnet
Web-based device management
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0–50℃(long term); -5℃–55℃(short term)
Relative humidity: 10%–90% (non-condensing)
Power supply AC: Rated voltage range: 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Maximum voltage range: 90 V to 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated voltage range: –48 V to –60 V DC
Maximum voltage range: –36 V to –72 V DC
Note: PoE-support switches do not use DC power supplies.
Dimensions (W x D x H) S2700-9TP-EI/SI: 250 mm x 180 mm x 43.6 mm
S2700-9TP-PWR-EI: 320 mm x 220 mm x 43.6 mm
S2700-18TP-EI/SI, S2700-26TP-EI/SI, S2710-52P-SI/S2700-52P-EI:
442 mm x 220 mm x 43.6 mm
442 mm x 420 mm x 43.6 mm
Weight S2700-9TP-EI < 1.4 kg
S2700-9TP-PWR-EI < 2.5 kg
S2700-18TP-EI < 2.4 kg
S2700-26TP-EI < 2.4 kg
S2700-52P-EI < 3kg
S2700-26TP-PWR-EI < 4 kg
(without power supply)
S2700-52P-PWR-EI < 4.3 kg
(without power supply)
S2700-9TP-SI < 1.4 kg
S2700-18TP-SI < 2.4 kg
S2700-26TP-SI < 2.4 kg
S2710-52P-SI < 3 kg
S2710-52P-PWR-SI < 4.3 kg
(without power supply)
Power consumption S2700-9TP-EI < 12.8 W
S2700-18TP-EI < 14.5 W
S2700-26TP-EI<15.5 W
S2700-52P-EI < 38 W
S2700-9TP-PWR-EI < 154 W (PoE: 124 W)
S2700-26TP-PWR-EI < 808W (PoE: 740 W)
S2700-52P-PWR-EI < 880W (PoE: 740 W)
S2700-9TP-SI < 12.8 W
S2700-18TP-SI < 14.5 W
S2700-26TP-SI < 15.5 W
S2710-52P-SI < 38 W
S2710-52P-PWR-SI < 880 W(PoE: 740 W)
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