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Application of Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Application of Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Speaking of the current situation of video surveillance and NVR applications, we have to mention IP camera. With the advantages of network transmission, and also compression algorithms (H.264), intelligent analysis and high definition applications, this product has been with us for 15 years. IP camera could only provide a video source; NVR is indispensable for a complete surveillance system


The whole surveillance system, from the front-end monitoring program, video transmission, video compression, data recording, data control, video display, etc., is based on the concept of centralized management. Video surveillance include all video surveillance equipment, video surveillance applications and peripheral applications, and also more centralized management concepts, the ultimate goal is to meet the requirements of customers and simplify operations steps and achieve integration of surveillance, video, data and control, and introduce the concept of the center interconnection of all peripheral devices.


NVR is a fully networked video surveillance systems, can be interconnected with IP equipments by any IP network, therefore, There is no area limits in managing the system. Full network management of NVR surveillance system should be a highlights, it can achieve a whole-process monitoring and centralized management by transporting line, transmission network and all IP front end preparations, including detection of equipment status and browsing of parameters, deployment and expansion. Traditional advantages of network applications will present under a perfect network basis, the deployment of NVR and IPC is very simple and when NVR has improved the function of plug and play, application of NVR will be as simple as DVR, which will become very popular among most customers.


IPC mainly solves the problem of data acquisition, convert them into a compressed bit stream, and transmit over the network to the back-end equipments. NVR mainly focuses on recording, reviewing, replaying and transporting transported stream


Remaining problems of surveillance system: 1, cost of HD surveillance solutions is still high, this application cannot spread widely. 2. Internet standard of IPC and NVR is lagging behind, in application; protocols like ONVIF and Pisa are not thorough.



NVR is currently divided into PC-style NVR and embedded PC-style NVR.  In Comparison of the two, PC-style NVR is easy to develop and is compatible with most IP cameras from different manufacturers; while to develop embedded NVR is  relatively more difficult, In order to connect IP cameras from different manufacturers, NVR has to follow protocol, but embedded NVR has a low cost and the system is stable. Chipset suppliers now could supply chipsets compatible with embedded NVR such as Hisilicon, TI, Trident etc, developing embedded NVR has become easier.

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