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How to choose a video surveillance system storage solutions

How to choose a video surveillance system storage solutions

1. Small Surveillance System

Small Surveillance system is mainly used analog cameras + DVR device or embedded NVR + IPC device structures such as a cell, campuses and other Surveillance applications. In these environments, we can save cost, stable performance storage devices to protect data. Generally, in these applications, embedded DVR, NVR can be built using multiple hard disks to store data. In this case, the number of Surveillance points is generally less than 50 channels, the use of embedded DVR, NVR storage capacity on their own can meet the needs of the application.

2. Medium Scale Surveillance System

In such applications, the number of Surveillance points is generally about 500 channels, long storage time, usually 24 hours will be real-time recording policy, it will produce a large amount of data, the storage requirements are relatively high, the data further improve the control and management requirements. In such environments, we generally recommend using an IP SAN with an integrated video encoding device + platform approach to data storage, so that the benefits is that users can be unified management of equipment, centralized data storage, data security and manageability It has been greatly improved.

Analysis of the security storage products application status
In this scenario inside the required data storage space is more substantial, how effective data storage, safe and reliable protection of these data is not lost? Choose a stable and reliable product for later maintenance work to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. Using embedded Linux RAID5 NVR is a good choice.


3. Large Scale Application Surveillance System

In general, large-scale Surveillance system can reach more than one thousand channels, the most typical case is the city surveillance project. The most important feature of these applications is the system large, complex, large amount of data, most will use tiered storage, backup center centralized policy, the data storage device performance, stability requirements more stringent Surveillance center for data security more concerned, therefore, there will be IPSAN, FCSAN coexistence features.

IPSAN as a memory of the first stage, afford each sub-control center for all of the storage pressure, but also to upload important data to be backed up on the primary data center, on product requirements, not only to consider reliable security, but also on product reading and writing skills have higher requirements. The sub-centers as a storage device, you may also need to consider the overall cost. Compared to other products, network storage, IPSAN is the best choice for such an occasion, or whether it is from the viewpoint of adaptability of equipment from the cost aspect, we can meet the requirements of sub-centers.

FCSAN selected as a storage device-level data center, we consider that the device can provide a more reliable and better quality of service as well as fiber optic link delay characteristics, to solve large data throughput bottlenecks caused by network problems.

Analyzing security video storage products application status

With the rapid development of the security industry, there is growing emphasis on storage and data security issues. Comparing financial data storage, medical data storage centers, the Internet data center services in areas such as storage, security market for data security considerations are not ranked in the forefront of all of these needs, many projects require only can save, you can have the basic security does not consider the subsequent recovery, data backup and other needs, in case of failure, is extremely difficult to ensure data security. But with the development of technology to reduce high-definition video and high-definition overall project cost, high-definition widely applied, one must pay attention to data security.

Since the video before the video data quality problems, most of these videos only as a reference after the evidence of it is not a must-have, plus the construction industry for the higher cost of the project requirements, a direct result of the entire security Surveillance industry applications focus more low-end storage devices. The pursuit of price stability do not attach importance to equipment; only concerned with the storage space, the device does not care about the grade. These have caused a security video surveillance industry requirements for data storage devices of low-end, it can be said that the security Surveillance industry for safety and stability requirements are at the end of the storage device the entire storage industry. The arrival of high-definition era will completely change this pattern. Because high-definition video can see more details cover a wider space, to better support intelligent video analysis technology for post-excavation work, which means that valuable video data has greatly improved from a dispensable position must refer directly to the promotion of importance. With the upgrading of the importance of data, data security will also enhance several grades.


In recent years, security video surveillance technology continues to seek a breakthrough, not only upgrade the technology itself, but also to continue to seek the introduction of other industries mature technology. At present, the security storage device, reliability becomes a problem of common concern industry. Therefore, we can put the data storage industry professional mature technology introduction, learn from their advanced concepts and improve the security video surveillance programs centralized storage problems can even combine the particularity of the video surveillance industry to optimize read and write data, to build meet professional industry application products.

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