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What Are the Benefit and Barriers of H.265 IP Camera & H.265 NVR?

What Are the Benefit and Barriers of H.265 IP Camera & H.265 NVR?

Now more and more China video surveillance products manufacturer launched H.265 IP cameras and H.265 NVR, especially Hisilicon- Global No.1 video surveillance chip developer launched series H.265 SoC chip, it cause a lots of China IP camera & NVR developer to develop H.265 IP camera and NVR. Everyone is promoting H.265 IP cameras and H.265 NVR. Why H.265 products are so hot? Because H.265 own many benefits:
1. Low bandwidth: H.265 can provide higher compression rate, it only need 50% bandwidth of H.264 in same image quality. It can save network device cost.
2. Low storage cost: In one IP surveillance system, video storage (harddisk + video recorder) is mainly cost, even it will is more than 50% of total system cost. If using H.265, it can reduce the system cost much.
3. Higher resolution and frames: Due to bandwidth reducing, user can transmit higher resolution or higher frames video on current bandwidth, for example, 12 megapixel, 4K, 8K, 60fps, 120fps.
4. Better intelligent video analysis: Due to IP camera can get better image quality, it improve intelligent video analysis accuracy.

Although H.265 own many benifits on above, but there are some barriers to block H.265 IP cameras and H.265 NVR, the main reasons is compatibility, now ONVIF don't have standard about H.265, it cause different vender's H.265 IP camera can't support other vender's video recorder. In addition, H.265 IP cameras & NVR are new products, many user don't know the benifits.
With the compatibility problems been resolved, and more and more users know H.265, it will quickly replace current H.264 IP camera and H.264 network video recorder, being the mainstream of IP surveillance market.

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