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Face Recognition Applications Era is coming

Face Recognition Applications Era is coming

First, face recognition technology background

With economic development, scientific and technological progressing, urban construction speeding up,  urban population gradually concentrating, the floating population increases, urban traffic construction, social security,  important regional defense, cyber crime and other urban management increasingly face issues . Safe City video surveillance system focuses on people, vehicles and other moving target in forensic detection ,which is often provide important  video surveillance  from suspects , clues,cars and so on to analyze the whereabouts .

 Second, the advantage of face recognition

Face recognition market is still in the market cultivation stage, but the development is very broad, in recent years, people pay close attention to it. As a new biometric technology, compared with iris recognition, fingerprint scans, hand geometry scanning technology, face recognition technology has it’s unique advantages in the application.

Easy to use: Face recognition technology use common cameras to obtain the identification information  which is a completely non-contact manner, complete the identification process  without identification target unaware , the  objects wont have exclude  psychological mood.

Intuitive highlight: the face is undoubtedly the most intuitive information source that naked eye can identify , and face recognition technology is based on person's face image, convenient manual confirmation, audit, "partiality" in line with the law of human cognition.

Difficult to counterfeit: Face recognition technology requires the identification of the object must come to recognize in the scene, other people difficult to counterfeit, the ability to determine the activity of the unique face recognition technology ensures that others can not in an inactive photographs, puppets, wax to deceive recognition system, which is difficult for fingerprints and other biometric technology .

Using common equipment: equipment for face recognition technology is generally PC, cameras and other general equipment, due to the current computer, closed-circuit television monitoring system has been widely used, so for most users, the use of face recognition technology without having to add a lot of special equipment, both to protect the user's original investment,expanded the system function, but also improve the safety performance of the system to meet the user's security requirements.

Third, Face recognition technology application

Face recognition technology is hot topic now widely studied . Face recognition technology is the use of computer analysis of the face image, by contrast face database to detect all known prototype face image to achieve "recognize" identity. With the comprehensive application of science and technology and the development of various techniques of face recognition technology have broad application prospects in video surveillance, access control and other fields .

1, Police, judicial, customs: real-time early warning of key personnel dispatched to take timely and effective measures to track the arrest of suspects.

2, Bank: VIP customers to bank, the real-time warning make notification timely to wealth managers, providing VIP service.

3, the provincial government, city government, petition to do: to achieve real-time surveillance of petitioners, to achieve timely warning and take effective containment measures.

4.When the theft appear in school and lock him though monitoring, and get snap photo from surveillance system and find suspects who enter the campus ,then  select positive clear picture and add to blacklist, if the suspects enter the campus  again, system will make warning then measures to arrest.


Face recognition technology to today, there are still some limitations. Lighting, posture, facial expressions have big influences on human face comparison. Recognition of the scene is relatively high, can only be used in a particular scene. With the rising development of 3D face scanning technology and depth of learning algorithms, in future,face recognition will be more widely used in various fields of finance, transportation, etc and widely spread to people’s life.

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