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Sysvideo 4K&H.265 Series NVR

Sysvideo 4K&H.265 Series NVR

Sysvideo 4K&H.265 Series NVR

NVR h.265 & 4K full range of products,this series products are  funtion powerful, feature-rich,

and able to achieve h.265 / h.264 intelligent hybrid access, 4 channel 4K access / store, decode;

integrated intelligent application, fisheye correction video access , P2P and so on. Mainstream manufacturers network equipment can access ; unique UI design, and can enhance user experiences; rich in peripheral interfaces, suitable for public security, finance, schools, parks, office buildings, large chain supermarkets and other professional security fields which have high require on image quality, storage and decoding .

 A Powerful Performance, 4K HD Access

Support mainstream H.265 connection , maximum support 8HDD, 64-channel full HD access, maximum 256M access, store and forward, with 4ch 4K, 16ch 1080P decoding capability to meet the needs of different application situation Support H.265 hardware decoding, H.265 and H.264 encoding format and support decoding mixed access, decode flexible. Mature application H.265 decoding technology, reducing the pressure on network bandwidth, to save storage space, thus reducing investment costs;Support 4K resolution stream access, storage, browsing, playback and forwarding, up to 2 HDMI and 1 VGA output, image detail present perfectly.

Second, feature-rich, secure and reliable.

Support smart IPC front-end access ,to make video signal abnormality (mask alarm, shift camera, digital image stabilization), legacy items, remove items, regional invasion, cordon, double cordon haiku irresolute, people wandering linkage alarm, retrograde, abnormal speed, illegal parking and other intelligent analysis, passive monitoring will become intelligent monitoring;


Third, Good Compatibility

It provides SDK development kit, compatible with mainstream network equipment from other vendors, with broad compatibility.

Fourth, the unique UI design, to enhance the user experience.More Abundant External Interface

Supports eSATA, RS484 & RS232, audio input and output, alarm input and output, USB3.0 interface, while the download speed of USB3.0 interface is ten times of USB2.0.  It save a lot of download time.

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