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3G/4G IP Camera Wireless Building Surveillance Project Question & Answers

3G/4G IP Camera Wireless Building Surveillance Project Question & Answers

Customer's Questions:
I am in dialogue with some big entrepreneur companies that are very interrested in such a system.
One of them is company with last year revenue of about 50 000 000,- USD
I need some help to figure out a couple of things thou.
I am thinging like this (illustrated in attached pic):
Entrepreneur main office as surveillence HQ with operative XCenter CMS.
Each building site has 3g/4g camera only connected with power. (no ip, no network cable)
These cameras will then supply HQ with videostream over 3g/4g.
Storage will be on HQ XCenter CMS
Is this possible?
How much data will be transfered over 3G/4G?
What is max suggested resolution?
SC6B is a bit too big, do you have smaller alternatives?
How about other solutions? Any suggestions?

Sysvideo's Reply:

The solution is OK, is there only 4 pcs cameras?
1. how far is the distance the HQ to other building? If it is less than 1km, you can use wifi bridage to replace 3G/4G;
2. 3G theoretical upload speed can up to 6Mbit, but the excatly speed will only is could 200-500k, 4G excalty upload speed is 500k-5M, its depend on your local telecom speed, it is better you can ask your local telecom service provider.
3. using 3G, you only can transmit D1 or VGA resolution, or 1-5fps 720P video. if you use 4G, you could transmit 720P@10-25fps or 1080P@1-10fps.
4. If you using to outdoor, SC6B is a good choice, it is water proof. SC61 series box camera also can support 3G, but it is not water proof.

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