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Does Sysvideo IP Camear Support Hikvision NVR?

Does Sysvideo IP Camear Support Hikvision NVR?

Question from client:

We are a Major Importer of CCTV equipment, and based in the United Kingdom, England, (UK).

We are OVER 20 years old as a Company and have imported CCTV equipment for years.

We are a very large importer of CCTV equipment, Cameras, DVRs, Cables and Connectors.

I am the overseas Product Manager & Buyer and I identify new products and suppliers.

Our inquiry to you is about buying your IP cameras.

Below is our requirement for your IP cameras.

It MUST work with HIKVISION NVR for the following functions and features

auto ONVIF discovery


setup motion detection

setup privacy masking

setup OSD menu

alarm I/P & O/P

PTZ control

colour setting

time synchronization

Please advise what can your IP camera achieve for the above features and functions.

Looking forward to your reply.


Sysvideo Reply:

Our SC5000 series  IP Camera can support Hikvsion NVR and CMS private protocol, support all these functions you need.



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