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UK Customer's Review about Sysvideo IP Cameras & NVR

UK Customer's Review about Sysvideo IP Cameras & NVR

Dear Len,
I thought I would give you some feedback on the testing that we have completed so far.
Camera SC5K41AZ
Initial impressions of the build quality are that it feels of a lower quality camera compared to a Hikvision or Avigilon camera. The body is light in weight in comparison.
The aluminium cast does not give the impression of being robust and the finish on the knuckle joints is rough in some areas.
However the image view is one of the best for natural reflection of colours that I have seen for some time.
There is very little or no latency in viewing of a person’s arm movements.
We did not have to change any settings from taking the camera from the box to connecting it to the NVR ( SNS0216)
The zoom facility is a little slow and it would be good to be able to alter the speed of the zoom motor.
Auto focus can be a little slow.
Overall we have been impressed with this camera for it’s performance
So to score the camera:-
Build quality 6 out of 10
Performance quality 9 out of 10
The build quality of this unit was certainly the best of the 3 sample NVR’s that we purchased.
However the front of the unit looks a little dated and does not give the overall impression of quality.
The operation system is relatively easy to work with once you get used to it.
The unit picked up 3 out of the 4 Hikvision cameras we have on our building. I need to check firmware versions of the cameras to see if this is the reason for not finding the 4th camera.
Set up in the main menu was again relatively easy to follow.
Playback took a little time to work out how to bring up the recording detail, but if I had read the manual first then this would have helped.
It would be helpful if you could click and drag the red timeline  rather than double click it to go back or forward to the time period you want to review.
When we try to do a back up and install a usb drive we get an error massage to check the size of the data, so for example trying to back up 71mb onto a 32Gb usb drive we get this message.
It is good that it is a linux platform.
The build quality of these units whilst ok is not really high quality.
The operating software again whilst it functions correctly the GUI is not in my opinion high quality, and does give the impression of being totally professional.
The operating software is a different platform to the SNS NVR.
Based on these facts alone I have to say that we would not be interested in purchasing this range of NVR’s in the future.
What we want to achieve is to find a really good quality range of NVR’s  that have reliability, good build quality, good functionality, easy on the eye GUI screens, and easy user features.
The SNS NVR is the closest that you have for these requirements, and maybe what we need to look at is whether we can look to use the SDK to develop our own front end that meets our requirements.
The camera samples we have so far appear to be good quality images although the build and finish could be a little better.
Here in the UK we need to be able to offer an alternative to Hikvision or Dahua. We would never be of the same size of these manufacturers but we do see a real opportunity to carve a niche section of the market where installers/integrators want an alternative to the mass market products.
Can I ask how difficult is it to change the logos in the SNS NVR? It would be good to see what the GUI would look like with our logo displayed in it. Is it possible you could tell me how we can make this change?
We will continue to test the products and give you more feedback.
I will always be honest with you and whilst I may give some negative comments I do have a lot of experience of the cctv market here in the UK and only want to source high quality reliable products that can enable us to grow our reputation and also help grow your business to.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

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