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New Customer Questions & Sysvideo's Answers

New Customer Questions & Sysvideo's Answers

This is from one new customer inquiry and Sysvideo's reply:
i have checked the price list,i have selected some cameras,AHDVR,NVR.Before i put order i have some questions in my mind for sales prospect and technical prospect.

1.The price list which you send me,at some of items its clearly says that price are in US dollars. But some of the items just says price.Is all price are in US dollar?
all are US dollar.

2.The price you give me ,is this is the only price you offer to customers? i mean best price?
Yes, it is best price for distributor.

3.How much extra you Charge,if i need my company logo on product(dvr,nvr,cameras). much extra if i need my company information on dvr and nvr?
Please check the attached our OEM MOQ request:
1. only change software logo or only print your model on product label , single model QTY >=10pcs in one order;
2. print your logo on products housing , single model QTY >=50pcs  in one order;
3. change the software UI (can't change layout), you provide design and images, total QTY >= 200 in one order;
4. change carton package, single model QTY >=500pcs or prepay all carton cost.
5. change hardware like housing, single model QTY >=1000pcs in one order or pay 30% prepaid much shipping cost i have to pay per order?
Depend on your order quantity and products type, we use DHL, it calculate the shipping charge according to weight. it normal is 20-30% of the order value.

6.what kind of warranty you offer on your products?
1 year warranty.

7.If any fault come-up in product during warranty period,what is the procedure to get it sorted.
We can give you some free parts or whole products to replace, you need to pay the shipping charge.

Here Are Some Questions Regarding technical part

1.IS all dvr,nvr,ahdvr suuport cloud function?
All SN7000 series DVR/NVR support.

2.My clients want to view playback on his mobile and laptop while he is in different network (i mean from home)  is it possible?or do i need to pay any thing extra for that(yearly subscription)  ?
Yes, we have free APP to do that, no need yearly subscription.

3.My Clients want to view cameras on their mobile,windows laptop,MAC laptop is it possible?
Yes, but MAC only support broswer to view, and you need to install the IE plugin.

4.Do i will receive any kind of online training or product knowledge if i become your reseller?
You can visit our website to find the manual and other guide.

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