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How does the retail company to find CCTV supplier

How does the retail company to find CCTV supplier

Dear Sysvideo Team,

Hope this email finds you well.
After searching on internet we’ve found out that your company specializes in  CCTVs.
We are based in Ulaanbaatar, a retail company called ** Group which owns 6 stories department store and another new store is on the way.
It is still quite expensive to buy CCTVs in Ulaanbaatar from dealers. Thus we would like to  purchase  directly from your company at wholesale price. We don’t want to be your distributor, we just wanted to buy necessary staff from your company directly on a regular basis. Thus we wish  to visit your company in Beijing and talk about possible business co-operation. Have you got an office in Beijing? 
We are mainly interested in : CCTV cameras and camera related devices /POE IP dome/box camera, POE switch, IP dome/box camera etc.. /
Please do get back to me if you are interested in. Also please send me your product list along with your price quote if possible. /wholesale price/
Your reply would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance
Warm regards
Product Manager


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