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Energy water sector surveillance system
1.    The overall composition and function of the system
In the digital monitor mode, the front-end video stream is compressed into the format of H.264 or MPEG-4 by video server, then through the broadband network platform (10M or 100M) to transfer data, Final monitoring center digital storage devices, support software and other digital video surveillance constitutes a major platform for the top-level application services. The platform supports a distributed architecture and supports concurrent access, all-digital processing, the entire system has achieved digital, networked, intelligent, which is the basic construction of the system architecture.
Installing cameras and video servers in each environmental testing point, to achieve video data compression and data transmission.  Data is transmitted to the monitoring center through the build or rent network (the network is difficult to achieve in some areas, can be wirelessly)allocate dgital screen server in monitoring centerto decoder and display the video data. so available in the relevant departments such as Pollution Control Department and the Information Center and other staff related to the installation on a computer monitoring software for video surveillance
2.    System Architecture
    1, the overall network structure

    2, real-time monitoring and control system diagram

     3, the front-end machine structure diagram


Basic functions:
• Real-time monitoring, remote control
- Real-time monitoring on-site , remote control data collection instrument , video headend equipment .
History Video Playback
- Query history video, as a forensic tool.
• seamless integration of video and data
- Video and data overlay .
• Alarm Statistics
- Query data logger alarm statistics .
• Alarm
- Excessive data and video linkage alarm .
• sources of state statistics
According to administrative statistics the number of state-controlled enterprises , networked count, the number of online businesses , alarm conditions , various data reported cases .
Water production system : water production process is mainly for producing water monitoring. For groundwater way , mainly for checking the operation of deep well pump , sedimentation tanks and chlorination systems testing, water testing , interface testing urban pipe network interfaces these four subsystems.
(1) deep well pump operation monitoring subsystem: Adopt a high-performance DCS bus system Monitoring, in connection with operation of the state for the opening and stoping of pump. Using DSP signal processing system for real-time analysis for the power supply voltage and current of each phase and the active and reactive power, harmonic, phase unbalance voltage, zero sequence current, inductive reactance and other information. If the power quality is not high, the pump will be stopped and the system will alert the scheduling system. System collects data through the ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic level gauge, diaphragm pressure transmitters and other instruments attached to the DCS bus.
(2) sedimentation and chlorination operation subsystem: Monitoring the sedimentation tank liquid level, flow, temperature, density, and other information. Control the amount of chlorine. To ensure security and stability of Chlorination process.
(3) water quality monitoring subsystem: Real-time monitoring of water quality through a combination of turbidity, PH value chromatograph analyzer and other high-quality analytical instruments. If you can not reach water quality results, carried off the pump operation through real-time control pump operation subsystem. And the data reported to the scheduling system. The connection can be summarized through information systems and environmental monitoring networks.
(4) distribution network interface subsystem: monitoring the distribution network interface main valve status, access flow, pressure and other signals, the signal is reported to the scheduling system.
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