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Thailand Goverment Project IP Camera Standard Requirement
IP fixed camera  ICT spec
1.1fixed type IP network camera
1.2day/night camera with IR filter removable
1.3progressive scan
1.4sensor size not lees than 1/3 inch   ccd or cmos or mos or better  with built-in lenses or removable lenses supported auto IR lris
1.5support variable resolution in each area , normal area and importance  area and support transmit  rate  at 25 fps or better
1.6the resolution shall  2megapixel or higher or full HD 1080 p or  better
1.7sensitivity not more than 0.5 lux in color day mode and not more than 0.05 in black and white night mode
1.8support  automatic  back focus for automatic ad gust the focus in both day time and night time
1.9wide dynamic  ram
1.10support muti stream for importance   area (Region of interest :ROI)
1.12Camera shall support Ip66 or install with Ip66 housing or better
1.13POE support
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